One of the industries Commerce Lease Groups knows inside out is bottled water. We've worked with many franchisees and know the problems they can run into, and a trick or two to avoid them. In fact, we've been in business with Culligan since 1993 and currently manage Culligan fleets in nine states.

CLG is experienced with all types of Culligan fleet vehicles, including PE trucks, bottled water delivery, service trucks, sales cars and cargo vans. We're familiar with the mileage and damage incurred with typical truck routes and how to manage problems and, often times, prevent them. We know which vendors you should probably use for graphics and truck bodies and which ones you should avoid. We make it a point to visit dealer locations and talk to drivers to help them solve problems with their trucks.


Industry News After being in business since 1991, we've seen it all. This is where we share a little bit of what we have picked up over the years.

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