We are a partner to, and advocate for, dealership commercial sales and fleet departments.  You’ve already got lenders.  But we fill in the gaps and help you pick up the deals you’re missing.  Our average dealer partner experiences an additional fifteen commercial transactions per month that would have been lost otherwise by sending them to us.  We don’t want the deals that are a good fit for your current lenders.  But we do the deals that your other lenders won’t. What are our differences?

  1. Full protection on lease expiration or termination.  We’ll send you equity position reports starting 18 months before expiration, or sooner if the vehicle experiences positive equity.  We will not market directly to the customer without your approval.  You control the customer.  Completely.
  2. Always-on “pull ahead” program for early termination of leases.  We are very proactive in managing the trade cycle for early terminations, and will continually produce new transactions for you before the lease term has expired.
  3. Application of positive equity to new transactions automatically, at your direction.  You control what happens to the equity.
  4. Vehicles returned off lease, either scheduled or non-scheduled termination, are yours to purchase if you want them, and the customer declines.  We will generate good used commercial inventory for you.
  5. Easier approvals, or approvals beyond what captive and bank lenders might do. Approvals on start-ups, international businesses, businesses under two years old, and businesses with no personal guarantee
  6. Full financing on any amount of commercial equipment added to truck
  7. 100% financing
  8. A full suite of fleet management services is available if needed.
  9. We do both open and closed end, true leases.  We structure the deal to your needs, and the customer’s.  You aren’t restricted to a standard TRAC.
  10. Protection against the giant fleet management and leasing companies that are probably stealing your customers.   Our goal is not world domination, but dealership assistance.  We believe in the role of the dealership fleet and commercial sales function.

Reasons that a customer might prefer to lease -

  1. Keeps bank lines open, and keeps company vehicles off personal CBR.  Any vehicle-intensive business should consider financing their vehicles someplace other than their bank for most financial flexibility, and to allow their bank lines to stay open for operations.
  2. Ease of accounting.  Vehicle lease payments are a regular, fixed monthly amount.
  3. No floating or adjustable interest rates.
  4. Leases help to stay within a company’s capital expenditures limits.  Many banks limit a given customer’s capital expenditures as a part of the credit line structure.  Leases generally don’t trigger a cap-ex event.
  5. Many corporations will allow leases of an asset that they will not approve a purchase on.   Corporate purchasing departments use leasing as a tool to manage spending within corporate guidelines.
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