Most leasing companies run from oilfield trucks.  The trucks get abused and used up.  The industry is cyclical and unpredictable.  The oilfield isn’t for the faint of heart, or the inexperienced.

We have been partners with the oil and gas industry since 1959.  We understand your  business, the ups and downs, and the special equipment needs that you have.  We understand how you use the trucks, and expect our oilfield lease returns to look like oilfield trucks when they come back off lease.

Commerce is one of the few companies in the industry to provide true, closed-end leases to the oilfield. 

The power of leasing -

Business has been leasing vehicles for more than seventy years.  Nearly every large fleet in the country leases at least some of their vehicles, and they do it because it makes sense financially.  Only leasing provides competitive financing and fleet management help in a single package.  Look at why our customers lease -

  1. vehicle-intensive businesses should consider financing their vehicles someplace other than a bank for most financial flexibility, and to keep their bank lines open for funding operations.
  2. Ease of accounting.  Vehicle lease payments are a regular, fixed monthly amount.
  3. No floating or adjustable interest rates.  The payment is the payment, throughout the entire lease term.
  4. Leases help to stay within a company’s capital expenditures limits.  Many banks limit a given customer’s capital expenditures as a part of the credit line structure.  Leases generally don’t trigger a cap-ex event.
  5. Many corporations will allow leases of an asset that they will not approve a purchase on.   Corporate purchasing departments use leasing as a tool to manage spending within corporate guidelines.
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