And you’re going to say, well, yeah.  I know what I use them for.  I send a guy out in a truck to do a job.

Maybe.  That’s seldom all you expect from your vehicles, and very often, that isn’t the function at all.  In my experience,  there are four potential ways that our customers might use their vehicles.  But often, either they don’t recognize the true usage, or they turn a blind eye and tell themselves a story to justify why Bob got the $20,000 truck, and Jim got the $45,000 truck.

Whether you know it or not, here are the roles your trucks are probably playing:

We get those nervous phone calls.  Uncertain tones.  “So….I need a few trucks…..umm...but...the credit thing…..” Most vehicle leasing companies are really in two or three businesses at once.  We’re in the truck business.  We know about trucks, and the equipment that needs installed on them so that you can do your work.  We know about managing fleets, how to keep them on the road in the cheapest way possible, with the most uptime.But something else we know a lot about is vehicle financing.  And the dirty little secret is that leasing companies will often find a way to finance trucks when banks can’t.

Are your service and delivery trucks going to be driving themselves soon?  Because….um….the first truckload of beer just got delivered by a robot last week. You heard about it, almost certainly.  Otto, the Uber-owned company with the mission of replacing commercial vehicle drivers, actually sort of did it last week, making a 120 mile beer run down a highway in Colorado.

We hear a lot about autonomous cars, but the first real users of the technology will likely be over the road trucks.  There is a shortage of experienced drivers, and these trucks are often making relatively boring trips down relatively straight highways, with high-value cargoes.  

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