Commerce Lease Group offers open and closed-end leases, TRAC leases and full-payout leases.

We lease both new and used vehicles and specialize in locating pre-owned commercial trucks that fit our customers' needs. Because many of our customers have heavy mileage requirements or operate their fleets in rough conditions, finding the right used commercial vehicle often can greatly reduce depreciation and lease payments.

We offer:

  • All types of commercial vehicle leases
  • High-mileage leases
  • 12 to 60 month terms
  • Light and medium duty trucks and vans
  • New and used leases (not leasing)
  • Agricultural, oil, construction, and other rough usage leases
We will provide you the transportation you need — no matter how specialized your industry is. If you operate a vehicle fleet in one of these industries, then you need to get to know us:

  • Communications/phone trucks
  • Bottled water/vending trucks
  • Oil field service vehicles
  • Rail crew vans
  • HVAC and building controls vehicles
Commerce Lease Group is proud to offer complete fleet lease financing with flexible terms and conditions. We'll get you top-end resale value on lease disposals. What's more, we will buy and dispose of vehicles that are not lease returns. Got a few old trucks sitting on the back lot that no one knows what to do with or how to get rid of? Give us a call. We'll pick them up, remove decals and identifiers for you, detail them and sell them for you, even if you aren't our customer now —because we think once you see how hard we work for you, you will be soon.

Contact us today to find out how Commerce Lease Group can help you get where you need to go.
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