We might be the dumbest guys in the fleet management business. You should take advantage of that.

Commerce Lease Group is smart when it comes to helping you run your business: saving you time, saving you money and taking problems off your hands.

But our competition is probably a lot smarter than we are. They minimize customer service and maximize charges.

They know that it costs a lot to take care of a customer. To have real live human beings on staff who know how to take care of things and have the authority to do it. They're smart enough to know that it's more profitable to promise great customer service and then deliver canned solutions provided by a website on a server housed who-knows-where.

We're stubborn enough — and maybe just dumb enough — to still care about little things such as customer service and taking pride in doing a job right. We let those little things stand in the way of our profits while our competition chooses to maximize their margins.

Man, those guys might be way smarter than we are . . . but our customers are simply brilliant for letting us take care of them.

CLG customers make a single phone call to us, and we deliver the truck they specify — new or used, all signage and equipment installed — right to their location. Simple.

We know you have bigger things to worry about than how many miles you're putting on your truck. We'd rather give you the hard truth up front than nickel and dime you with additional charges at the end of the lease. 

Managing a fleet of rough-usage vehicles can be complicated and time-consuming. Sure, you could deal with it yourself, but outsourcing your fleet management through a leasing company is a pretty easy call for most businesses. It can save you precious time and money.

If your industry requires high-mileage, hard-usage or specialty vehicles, chances are most leasing companies won’t be up for the challenge. Sure, they’ll work with you — as long as all the risk and expense stays on your side of the ledger. 

We prefer to roll up our sleeves and climb into the trenches with you.

Commerce Lease Group handles the tough, real-world commercial vehicle applications that most leasing operations are afraid of. We’re betting that our nearly three decades of experience with overworked and under-loved commercial fleets gives us the capability to manage high-mileage workhorses better than anyone else.

We'll stake our money on that, not yours.

Contact us today to find out how Commerce Lease Group can help you get where you need to go.
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